(Intended to run in-browser. Works in at least Google Chrome and Firefox.)

How To Play:

Hold left click or space bar to grind.

Grind over a white section to accelerate you up to a certain maximum speed. If you grind over a red section you will lose speed. Releasing or starting a grind over a green section will give you a burst of acceleration which can take you above the previously mentioned max speed.


For full disclosure: Yes, this is basically just an unfinished clone of the Kirby Air Grind sub-game from Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland.

Made for the 48-hour Game Maker's Toolkit Jam.

Yeah, so, this jam did not go how I expected or wanted it to. Hopefully I've learned something.

Here's my feedback for the jam: I think I would have preferred a one-week jam to a 48-hour jam. Maybe I'm just not used to the tight development window. Also, that list of things to provide with the submission was kind of daunting. "The game's executable package or binary" and "Please include links to licenses where available" are frightening to read.

AuthorColin Amos
Made withUnity

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