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Find the Cheese is a 2D platforming game that is part exploration and part time trial. To complete each level, you must collect all the cheese pieces hidden throughout the non-linear maze and make it back to the start as quickly as possible. Master the mechanics and layouts to become the most agile mouse you can be!

Key Features

  • Challenging, non-linear level designs
  • Tight movement controls to maneuver that mouse
  • Upbeat music crafted with love and care (and VSTs)
  • Keyboard and gamepad control options
  • A cute bandana-wearing mouse
  • Cheese cubes of ambiguous origin and flavor


Created by Colin Amos
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Made with GameMaker Studio
Sound effects made with Bfxr

Install instructions

Disclaimer: Due to the way GameMaker Studio creates its applications, the game might be detected as an "unrecognized app" by your PC. If this happens, just "run anyway" or add it to your exceptions list as there is nothing malicious about this file. Trust me. I love you. <3


Find the Cheese.exe 3 MB


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My game lags at the second part with wall jumps

(2 edits)

this looks good ( edit it says it may be unsafe ) (edit again I read the description and it's safe )

Any feedback would be appreciated!