Game-a-Week 6: The Visual Novel That Never Was

I wanted to make a visual novel this week, since that seemed like it would be very different from my previous projects and a good learning experience. The good news is that I did learn some stuff. The bad news is that I underestimated the time it would take to figure out how to program one of these things from scratch in Unity. So, here is a supremely unfinished visual novel. I was planning for it to be about obscure Mario characters, but instead we just have a riveting one-choice story about some placeholder emojis. Enjoy.

Update 1: Apparently Unity WebGL applications cannot read .txt files, so I guess I have to make it a standalone downloadable application. Ain't that just the way.

Update 2: Apparently it's not doing it in the standalone app either. Gee wilikers. I guess you'll just have to trust me and the cover image .gif on this one.

AuthorColin Amos
Made withUnity

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